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Denver Post


I haven't updated in forever, as you can probably see. I also haven't kept up with any of your LJs - sad times. I alsoalso haven't done any in-depth concert reviews in a very, very long time. However, my dad and I took pictures of The Fray and Meese in Vail last December, and I did the review. I think most of you have seen it, but whatever.

Next I have on the list for the Post:
Glasvegas - April 9
Barcelona - April 14
Cold War Kids - April 20

Maybe I'll start putting photos I take at these shows here since I have no where else to put them. Hmm.


sayitswrong (11:02:28 PM): WHOEVER TOOK THINGS OFF IS ROTTEN
ilahhisla (10:04:33 PM): ISAAC COVERED IN MUD
sayitswrong (11:02:53 PM): HILL*
sayitswrong (11:03:06 PM): ISAAC GO BOOM
ilahhisla (10:05:15 PM): OMGOGMGGGM LOLOLOLOL
sayitswrong (11:04:17 PM): ONLY THE TALENTED ARE THIS CLUMSY
Okay, so I feel it is time for an update because I'm feeling Frayness in the air..

Farylepathy has returned quite strongly.. and this always makes me happy.

Today's a concert anniversary for me. City Light Pavillions, YEAHHH. And Liz just so happens to be at her concert and I'm expecting a call soon. JGDYEIUWKHSKJHDKJ. This concert anniversary means a lot to me for many, many reasons that I will not begin to list because it would take too long. So anyway, I am so, SO excited to be getting calls tonight. <3333

And I'll finally start my little story about the 16th.. Westword music showcase and John Mayer. :) :) :) :) :) :)

it never stops

:):) :) :)


:) :) :) :):):)

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that's all, kthx

(credit erised_mirror)

that's the way things go

Dear Dan,

WHERE has all of your hair gone?! I loved it so dearly. Please, oh, please grow it back as soon as possible.


P.S. I sort of like it, but jhiurdgirsk his hair at the last concert I went to (you saw all the pictures in the last post) was so perfect for him. And just so wonderful in general. Do you like it?
Well. I haven't been on here in forever.. oops. Jappy June!

-I was over my Orlando Bloom thing until the 25th (seeing Pirates). Now I'm completely oggley over him again. Especially after seeing it for a second time. Sheesh. So be preapred for Orlando-ness in the future.

-I have been listening to Hanson for the past 10 hours straight (okay, well, I put in Aaron Espe at 9:30). Someone help! I can't stop!

-I have about 95% of my Augustana post done. So prepare your excitement!

-I want cake.


UM. I'm not so much okay with this !!!!!:

AND, this is most likely the last
time we'll be playing in Denver until August 4th at red rocks. not to
mention that we'll be playing alongside some pretty amazing bands- The
Heyday from denver who will blow your minds, and Distance To Empty, our
dudes from KC who will take turns melting your faces. SO COME OUT THIS
FRIDAY MAY 18TH AT THE BLUEBIRD! it's gonna be rad.

WHATTHEHELLLLL? They haven't announced any other dates! WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO BE ALL SUMMER?! I guess I'll just have to find a way to get out to the West coast shows.

and we owe everything to you

Jeepers. It is raining so, SO hard here! And I think it has been thundering nonstop for the past 4 minutes.. this is crazy.

And will someone tell me why I statred crying when I saw these?: 
gahhh. that was such an amazing experience. *sobsobsob*

they don't get your soul or your fire

meesemeesemeesemeesemeesemeeseMESSES (<---I don't think anyone will get that refrence)
They put their three new songs up on iTunes, so GO BUY THEM. They're even more wonderful when you can listen to them on iTunes instead of myspace. meesemeesemeesemeese signing out.


all this feels strange and untrue
and i won't waste a minute without you

my bones ache
my skin feels cold
and i'm getting so tired
and so old

the anger swells in my guts
and i won't feel these slices and cuts
i want so much to open your eyes
cause i need you to look into mine

tell me that you'll open your eyes
tell me that you'll open your eyes
tell me that you'll open your eyes
tell me that you'll open your eyes

get up, get out, get away from these liars
cause they don't get your soul or your fire
take my hand knot your fingers through mine
and we'll walk from this drakroom
for the last time

every minute from this minute on
we can do what we like, anywhere
i want so much to open your eyes
cause i need you to look into mine

tell me that you'll open your eyes (x8)

all this feels strange and untrue
and i won't waste a minute without you

I wonder what you're doin'

I don't have my Augustana story done and I'm a little overwhelmed with everything, but I think you should head here to understand the smallest part of my journey yesterday: